Wildlife Watching


Wildlife watching

Enjoy our local wildlife close-up in the comfort of the Footprints Cafe. Two large screens display live direct from cameras in the grounds. While we can not guarantee what is happening at any one time, it is possible to see various birds on the bird-feeder and the seasonal goings-on in a nest box.

In March 2024 we are receiving a variety of what might be deemed garden birds such as robins, sparrows and magpies.

Can you identify the difference between a Blue-tit, a Great Tit and a Long-tailed Tit?

There are RSPB ID sheets and reference books on the shelves to help you.

Singleton Spaces would like to thank Wildlife Windows for the advice and installation of the system.

Enjoy this wildlife watching system, which has been brought to you by The Mayor Jenny Webb (2022-23), Ashford Designer Outlet and Great Chart with Singleton Parish Council.


Launch event. L to R: Ian MacClintock, Carolyn Perring, Malcolm Wiffen, Aniko Szocs, Jenny Webb, Peter Heritage, John Alexander


Susie named this visitor Gregory.

Susie named this visitor Gregory (geddit?)

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