Sewing Circle

Sewing Circle
A fun, sewing workshop

The latest addition to the Singleton Environment Centre is our Sewing Circle! The workshop aims to:

  • Provide a social gathering for sewists in Ashford
  • Re-use plastics and other un-recyclable materials that would otherwise end up in landfill
  • Make saleable goods to sell for the benefit of Singleton Environment Centre

Sewists from Ashford and beyond are invited to join in to help make a range of beach bags, make-up/toilet bags, pencil cases and other items from donated tents/paddling pools etc.

The workshop runs every Monday, from 10:30Am to 12:30PM in the Brisley Centre!

All fabrics, patterns and haberdashery will be provided, and there are a few sewing machines ready to be used, but you are welcome to bring your own!

The workshop will be free, though we do ask for donations to help provide refreshments.

Wanted! Tents and paddling pools!

Plastics and synthetic fabrics can take decades to break down in a landfill. Eventually they end up as micro-plastics in our rivers and seas, which causes harm to the environment and wildlife.

As such, the Sewing Circle at the Singleton Environment Centre is accepting donations for any old tents and paddling pools which would have instead ended up in landfill. All we ask is that the product has been cleaned before being donated, and, provided it is suitable, we will repurpose your donation into something new!

Please email Sian Green for further information.

Sian Green

Sian Green


Spring cleaning – give your coat a new lease of life!

The Sewing Circle are now offering to transform your old winter coats into a brand new bag! All they ask is for a donation for their efforts, and then you’ll be the proud new owner of a homemade bag!

The latest addition

The sewing circle have recently started created sturdy, foldable and fashionable tote bags, rescued from old tents! They are perfect to keep stored in your handbag as and when you need it (as they fold down to the size of a Mars bar), and come in varying sizes. The tote bags are available at the reception area of the Environment Centre – all we ask is for a small donation!

Sewing Circle


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