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The Wildlife Trust stimulates a social media frenzy in June each year with amazing photographs from around the country. Singleton Environment Centre joined in with a poster recording each day.

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Damian Green MP

We are very pleased to have been visited by Damian Green, our local MP, for a familiarisation with the new stewardship of the Singleton Environment Centre and a guided tour by Jenny Tippen of the Ashford Community Woodland.

He also joined our young visitors exploring the wildlife pond.

Damian Green with Sean of KRAG, Charli Wilson, trustee, and John Alexander, centre manager.

Open Day

Our open day was held on 16 June 2018.

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New signs

New Sign

Our new signs have appeared on site.

Ash and coffee grounds

Great for the soil in your garden – bring your own or ask for a bag.
The ash comes from the environmentally-friendly wood-chip boiler.
The coffee grounds come from the Footprints Cafe Bistro.


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