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Accessible Coders

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Who are we?

Accessible Coders is a group of like-minded people who are passionate about coding and electronics. We want to share our interests by teaching the skills of coding to people with physical difficulties and who may use an AAC for communication.

Why us?

In the south-east we find that opportunities to learn what we do are limited for people with disabilities. We have a number of different approaches in the way we teach so that evryone who attends our service achieves.

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We are based at Singleton Environment Centre in Ashford, Kent. The Centre is a family friendly eco-centre set in the countryside and aims to operate with reduced effects on the environment and increased sustainability in mind.

We hold our workshops in the Brisley Room situated close to the car park and easily accessible for wheel chair users.

We have our own disabled toilet facility in the room and the use of a fridge for those who decide to bring a packed lunch. There is the Footprints Cafe Bistro located within the Centre’s main building. The food is freshly made with as much seasonal produce as possible. Vegan options are always available.


What we offer

Inclusion and support

By joining our service we offer one to one support and the chance to be a part of a team, making new friends and building new support networks.

Learn new skills and knowledge

Learning new skills and knowledge is paramount for achieving.  So Accessible Coders make this a priority for people who join our service. Achieving promotes positive wekk-being, a sense of worth and belonging.

C and C++ coding and electronics

Our style of teaching is easy to understand. We use core coding and computational thinking concepts through a mix of progressive lessons and stand alone activities. We believe in ‘learn by doing’.

Reaching your goals

Personal development consists of goals that develope a person’s capabilities and potential. It enhances a person’s quality of life and the success of reaching goals.

Experimental robotics

Acessible Coders love all things tech. We love wild and fun ideas. Robosts are being used in everyday life and our mission is to make more things acessible using technology and electronics for people with disabilities giving more opportunity to fulfill their lives.


About us

We are Accessible Coders, a not for profit organisation who support people with physical disabilities, learning difficulties and who may use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) with the use of technology and coding. Giving more opportunities and the skills to empower.

Working towards erasing the stigma and discrimination people with disabilities have to face everyday. Connecting communities is paramount and we aim to do this and build Acessible Coders so we are able to support people all over the UK.

How to contact us

Adrian Luck – CEO

Kelly / Bobbin – [opens in a new tab]

The Brisley Room, Singleton Environment Centre, Ashford, Kent. TN23 5LW

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