Repair Cafe Ashford

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Sewing Machine

Repair Café Ashford

Due to popular demand The Repair Cafe now operates every Wednesday.
Time: 13.00 – 16.00 (to avoid the school run) in the workshop.

Items may be deposited and picked-up outside these times by prior arrangement. A form with contact details is required.
Usually a volunteer will discuss how your item might be repaired and, if you wish, work with you to fix it.
Clearly, not all items can be fixed on the spot and you will be notified at a later date.
There is not a charge but donations are welcome and these are used to purchase replacement supplies and support the work of the Repair Cafe.
Please note: the cafe services is in the Footprints Cafe and Bistro part of the main Centre building.

Donations, please

Repair Cafe

Repair Cafe Ashford has a facebook page

Repair and Reuse

The Repair Cafe Ashford at Singleton Environment Centre aims to:

  • Sort items suitable for repair
  • Choose materials for re-use
  • Make useful goods and gifts
  • Upcycle discarded goods
  • Learn new skills and teach others
  • Share ideas and solutions
  • Donate unwanted tools

Repair and reuse
It has also been described as “tinkering”, the attempt to repair or improve something in a casual or desultory way.

Another version is disassembly and reassembly, “to dismantle, take apart, take to pieces, pull apart, pull to pieces, take/pull to bits, deconstruct, break up, strip down” and, possibly, to put back together again.

There is such a host of possibilities!

The group is now ready to receive items for repair and reuse. Come along or call John to discuss your suggestions.

For bicycle recycling we recommend the programme run by Cycle Community CIC at Goldwyn School

Julie in the workshop

Join in

The photo shows the first meeting on Thursday 19 July 2018. There was no shortage of ideas and a range of skills on offer.

Inaugural meeting

We are keen to hear from likely volunteer leaders and those who would like to join in.

Contact to  discuss:

Centre Manager

Repair café

“A repair café is a meeting in which people repair household electrical and mechanical devices, computers, bicycles, clothing, etc. They are organised by and for local residents. Repair cafés are held at a fixed location where tools are available and where they can fix their broken goods with the help of volunteers. Its objectives are to reduce waste, to maintain repair skills and to strengthen social cohesion.”
Source: Wikipedia

Can we fix it?

The Repair Cafes waging war on throwaway culture
Source: The Guardian

The third-party tinkerers figthing for your right to repair
Source: The Guardian


Re-furbished coffee table

One happy ‘customer’ with a dark-wood Ercol coffee table transformed by Ron.

Kay and Leonard have made the instruction label and modified the frame for hanging in the grounds. #SelfieatSEC
Kay and Leonard

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