Self-Guided Trails to Explore

Trails to Explore

We have a series of self-guided trails around the Centre grounds.

They are intended for children of all ages as a hint to stop, look and listen carefully. Please do not harm any plants or insects. Take nothing but photos.

The grounds won a Silver Award 2018 from the Kent Wildlife Trust’s “Wild About Gardens” award scheme.

Summer months

Please ask for a copy or download PDF here Trail-to-explore-Summer18.

Autumn / Winter months

Please ask for a copy or download PDF here Trail to explore Autumn / Winter.

Comments on these trails would be welcome.

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Scavenger Sack

scavenger sacks


Take a bag and leave a £10 deposit.

Return the bag with full inventory (excluding the spotter sheets and scavenger hunt sheet – please feel free to take these away with you) within 4 hours and full deposit refunded. Alternatively, take the bag home and we keep the deposit as payment.

Happy scavenging!

Ashford Community Woodland

If you want to explore further there is as leaflet covering the neigbouring meadow and wooded areas of the Ashford Community Woodland.
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